Monday, November 23, 2009

Pictures of the Progress thus far

Here is some of what we have been up to....looking like a house!

On top of this, we have been talking to electricians, HVAC peeps, and plumbers galore. Hoping to get started on this exciting stuff this week. The basement is looking fresher too, the celing has been reinforced. All the windows are in and sealed up too....good stuff!
We have moved from Georgetown and have settled into our friends house....thanks Max & Jess, Lisa & Rick!!

More updates to come!


Who is living in the POD?

Okay, Friday I decide I really need to get serious about getting the house in Georgetown packed up, because we need to be out for Sunday (yesterday). I go to the POD in the driveway (portable storage trailer thingy)and open it up to fill with all of our belongings and I think, out the corner of my eye I see something move. I quickly convince myself that is not true and proceed to bring out box after box of stuff (mostly stuff we dont use really) and then I see of the previously packed cardboard boxes is chewed to shit! I look around, this is not an isolated incident....several of our boxes have huge gaping holes and the trailer is littered with cardboard shavings! Now, this is not the little job of a mere mouse (which I would hate, but could possibly manage to deal with) but the work of a much bigger animal.....well, not really big, like maybe a squirrel or something. I look around a bit, the dog is going kinda wild, sniffing all around the trailer, but I cant see anything....except a wall of chewed up stuff! Anyways, I bring out 3 or 4 more loads of stuff before my anxiety is too much to handle, and I become resolve to packing in the house and loading up the kitchen, ready for Ben to take out to the inhabited POD! In the meantime, I left the POD door open in hopes that the gigantic beast would leave to get something more nutritious to eat then cardboard! I Love Moving!