Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New........Toilet?

Happy New Year Everyone! We had a great couple days off renovating for the holidays but we are certainly back in full swing now. Here is where we are right now. The plumbing is done, awaiting final inspection. The HVAC is done, awaiting final inspection. The electrical has been started, will finish when the framing inspection is completed. Framing is done....almost....awaiting inspection. The furnace guy came last week and fired up the furnace! There is heat in the house! We have the main floor and the bathroom closed off with plastic to retain the heat. They are both toasty, while the rest of the upstairs is still really cold. The bathroom is sectioned off and heated because we have turned on the water!! The fixtures are up there, ready to be hooked up, and the toilet is up and running! This is a very big deal to us. It means Liv and I dont have to leave to Tim Hortons everytime we have to go to the bathroom, and Ben can stop peeing in the laundry sink in the win I would say! Liv was so excited to get the toilet, and the one with the choice of half or full flush at that, that she wanted us to take a family picture around the toilet!! (We did not) I am not going to say when we plan to move in because we havent met a deadline yet, but we are definately getting closer. The floors have been leveled in the office and living room on the main floor, and there is just a little left to do in that regard on the second floor. The floors need to be leveled before the electrician can finish as well. The plugs are all placed a certain distance from the floor, and so if it is unlevel, when it is finished the plugs will all be uneven.....cant have that!
Now, a lot has been happening in way of the kitchen. In an effort to be as green as possible in this renovation, and to save some money, I have been looking for used kitchen cabinets. I am willing to paint them, or even replace doors if need be. I found a bunch of sets on Kijiji that I liked so I sent the sellers messages. Someone got back to me who has solid Maple cabinets, look like new $1100. We talk, I get him to agree to $800! I am happier than can be! That same day, I am in the Maytag store and come across the stove we want (flat top, no back peice sticking up because it is going to be sitting infront of the window). The stove is regular $1800 but, because there is some damage to the frame part on the upper left corner...$499! I am thrilled and bring that baby home! It is beautiful....convection oven, or regular, whatever you feel for. 5 burners plus a warming station, and it cleans that. Okay, so, thus far I have cabinets for $800 and this new pretty stove for $500....doing good I think. Then, someone else replies to me from kijiji. She has a set of mahogony cabinets, and a countertop stove, and seperate oven that goes under.....$200! Yikes! The cabinets need painted for sure, maybe even new doors, and the stove is old...retro actually, very cool. Crap! So, after Ben and I talk, I call the $800 maple cabinet guy and say thanks but no thanks and start planning to get this next kitchen. I booked a truck and was going to get them in Burlington. Ben I guess is telling a guy he works with that we are going to get this kitchen, blah blah blah, and the guy says "shit Ben, we are re-doing our solid oak kitchen to cherry and you are welcome to our oak cabinets if you like"....for free!! That happens to be my favorite price! Needless to say, I call the Burlington cabinet girl, say thanks but no thanks, and the same for the rental truck dudes, and we are set to get a free set of solid oak cabinets! I can hardly wait!! Kept these cabinets out of the landfill and got a hell of a deal....sweet! I will post pictures when I get them.
Here are some shots of some of the progress...and Liv! I am heading to the house this morning to do some major cleaning of the main floor so Ben can finish up laying the subfloor.
Will post again soon