Friday, September 3, 2010

An Extremely Overdue Update

We are almost, kinda, close to being "finished". I say it that way because I have come to realize that we are probably going to be working on this house for years to get it all exactly how we want it, between the landscaping and the basement overhaul, the porches re-done, the garage re-build, and the new decks. Anyways, we are almost done what we are considering the big reno, and the rest will just be icing on the cake! So, we have the trim, the stairs, and the shower to do inside, as well as the window coverings (undecided as of yet). Outside we have the back awning and siding. That is it!! Here are some pics of our progress.

So, as you can see, we ended up sticking with the ceiling fan in the actually turned out looking okay....less like a helicopter than before!!

Now we need to decide on the siding colour. Here are some photoshop pics of the house with each of our 3 finalists. Please let us know what you think looks best.
Until next time

The car in the driveway? A little dream of Ben's!!!