Monday, March 29, 2010

Up the creek....

Alright, lots has been happening around here! I finally have some pictures to post! There have been a few passed, insulation passed, framing passed, electrical passed....we are on to bigger and better things! We are almost completely done the is the taping and sanding. We have hit a few hurtles along the way, one of them being news we got last week. I went to the basement last Wednesday to find it full of sewage! I called in the authorities and we have been told there is a problem with the pipes leaving the house heading to the town sewage system....they need to be dug up and replaced! Horray! I need to call around for some quotes, but word on the street is we are looking at about 3-5K to fix this shitty problem. Not to mention, the entire front yard and basement floor need to be dug up and the front steps need to be removed....I guess I will be getting that little front deck I wanted sooner than later! On the bright side, we are lucky to find this out before we did the landscaping out front.....that would have made me cry.

Hopefully by the time you see pics again, the sanding will be done and my lungs will have held on long enough for me to post. We are definately on the home stretch here. The bathroom floor needs to be leveled again, then the tub and sink can be hooked up.....hopefully this weekend. The shower is just a couple hours away from being ready to be more showering at Max's! We left there in February and I am sure she would like us to get our towels out of there already! Then, we will be onto painting.....we bought all the paint a couple weeks ago....Rona had a sale.....I do love a sale! We are being encouraged to throw a paint party when the time comes, so we may just do that.
The kitchen is a big job that hasn't really taken priority yet. We got our cabinets for super super cheap beings that they were in rough shape and needed quite a bit of tlc. I have finished taking all the doors and hardware off, and they are all primed ready to be painted. The actual frames need to be reinforced yet, and mounted to the wall. I will be working on this little project this week.

Liv turned 6 on the weekend so we hosted our first little party here on Sunday. It went over well considering we have no running water, furniture really, or much in the way of electricity....goes to show you, it's the company that makes the party!

Until next time!

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