Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Glitch...is that a word?

Okay, so I had intended on writing an entry each day of our super duper renovating 'vacation', but to be quite honest, I have been too tired and my hands hurt too much to type! Now, after 4 full days in, my hands have adjusted, and all is well again! Okay, here is the update. The entire house, upstairs and downstairs is almost completely a shell. There is still a little to do upstairs, then we are done with the tearing down business....thank goodness. We have decided on a contractor (Daniel) so we are just waiting for him to commit to his price and stuff in writing, then the permit to come in and we are off to the races with the addition. In the meantime we need to get the roof off the entire house. My Dad is coming tomorrow to help us with that (thanks Papa). P.S. don't tell Liv that her Papa is coming....I just dropped her off today to spend a couple days with Grama and Grampa, but if she knew Papa was coming and she wasn't here she would not be happy with us! But, we know that Papa wouldn't be much help if Liv were here!!! Anyways, it will be nice to see him, and get some help. Our friend Max has helped us with the demo for the past few days, and taken Liv out to the park to play (which is a great help). Her daughter Jess has also been awsome to help with Liv when we need her....Thanks Jess!!

Now, the glitch.....
as we tore down the ceiling in the living room we realized it has a tremendous bow to it that must be fixed. From what we can gather, that is a big process including walls and roof being off for a little while....so.....we are putting off moving into this dream until next month. This gives us some more time to get more done without having to live amongst the rubble. Not something we had planned for, but hey, Ben had a temper tantrum, threw the ladder, I held it in a bit and was in a bad mood for a few hours, but we are over it now! What can you do! Just keep on wreckin!!

Okay, so here is what I have learned in the past 4 days
1. The masks with the little filter contraption on the front are well worth their money in gold.
2. You can use the space between your breasts to hold a can of red bull if you need both your hands to climb up the stairs covered in debris.
3. If you look at yourself, and your partner after a day of working in dust, you get a fairly good idea of what they are going to look like when they are 100......then you can make decisions from there!
4. Giant Tiger has a vast array of clothing suited just for doing dirty renovation work.
5. Life is a little brighter when you wipe off your glasses
6. If you wake up and your hands are stuck in the position of holding a wrecking bar, it is going to be a difficult morning.
7. Eye glasses are not, and should not be used as, safety glasses.
8. Ceramic tiles are very tough, you can beat them with a hammer and they don't break. Now, drop a butter knife the right way and you ruin your floor....just sayin.
9. There is not vermiculite or asbestos in our attic, so instead of it costing $6000 to have it removed, we will get it out for the low low price of $2000!
10. Six nails in the bottom of your shoe is less than eight....what a great day!
11. Home improvement holds Liv's interest for about 5 minutes at a time...as long as she doesn't get too dusty!

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