Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As I mentioned, we are in the demo phase of our reno. Here are a couple pics of what we are looking at every night when we get off work! Pretty huh? Smashing actually (literally!) We start our vacation in two days, so we are hoping to do some serious work during that week....because we have to start living in this house next weekend!! The plan is to have all the main walls stripped, and new studs in between the original ones, the ceilings tore down on the main floor, the fence up, and the roof off the existing kitchen/dining room ready for the contractor to start building. Oh yeah, and one other little thing.....the permit! On top of that, all the supplies bought and delivered for the contractor. Now, as for the contractor.....Ben has been interviewing potential contractors all week (5 in total). One has given us a really good quote (yes we will get it in writing before doing anything) and he can start right away. He says it will only take them four days! That sounds great, but lets see if anyone can beat it!!

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