Saturday, August 8, 2009

A little green (paint) goes a long way!

We spent most of today at the house, taking the packed boxes we have from our current place -- we are trying to get as much done in advance of actually moving in at the end of the month. I took a bunch of pictures inside and outside so everyone could see what we are up against here (maybe before offering to help!!) We are going to be living on the main floor only until the second floor is completely finished -- in an effort to keep the chaos away from where we are living and sleeping. The little room off the living room is going to be an office, but until we do the main floor renovations that space is going to be Liv's bedroom. We decided to paint that room to try and make it nice for her while we are living amongst the renos. So, off to the hardware store we go, so Liv can choose the colour she wants her new temp bedroom to be.....first she said Lavender would be good, nice for sleeping (her words -- so clever), then she thought a nice dark dark green might be good....she finally settled on a minty green colour! She helped and we got the room all painted up today! It was a fun project, and I think the space will do just fine for now.....she is quite pleased!
PS we choose a no VOC was reasonably priced, covered quite well, and omitted no odor! Nice (especially for a bedroom) I recommend it!

This is the living room and dining room space with the kitchen at the back. The stairs are on the right side there were the wall is torn apart! There is a massive hole in the floor between the hardwood and the carpet (which is disgusting by the way!) I am standing at the front door looking in when taking this picture.....can you imagine it??!

This is the staircase....will be nice....needs some love!

This is the tiny little upstairs....that is going to get bigger....the upstairs has been totally stripped ready to renovate, so that makes it a bit easier for us.

Side it!

Front it too!


  1. Wonderful to see the enthusiasm you have for this. Its obviously very exciting (and stressful too). I am proud of you both for the courage it takes to take on such a project. I hope it turns out the way you see it in your mind. I hope it makes you forget about Ferris Lane.

  2. Spanks Mike, we are excited and a little nervous, not gonna lie! I am sure we will be calling on your expertise (and brute strength) at some point in the keep near the phone!