Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Push

Rick has been over every night to help me this week and all day each Sat and Sun. We wouldn't be where we are today without his help (or anyone's for that matter), so we are both very thankful.

We've run lights every day this week, and thought we were ready to have the contractor in on Monday (21st) so we could potentially move in (essentials only) on the 1st of October. However, we had a set back in the kitchen and lost a day, and then spent about 14 hours there today (Saturday) getting it ready for the framing of the addition.

Tomorrow, if we don't have the remaining of the roof ripped off, the 2nd story 26'ft LVL beam securely footed down to the basement, and some old section around the kitchen torn down, all on Sunday, then the contractor won't be able to start framing, and we will have an even bigger set back not being able to move.

Rick and Lisa have offered their spare bedroom to us, which is very generous and means a lot to us, but we don't want to put anyone out, so we're hoping to have all of this done in time. No stress eh.

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