Monday, September 14, 2009

Room with a View

So, we're about a month into the renovation project and have the roof, ceiling and old joists off - and have a 400 square foot skylight in our kitchen/dining room. We're hussling with the help of some of our friends to get the framing and footing in place to support a second story, hopefully being framed out next week.

I've ordered 16' x 11 7/8" Wood Engineered I Joists, 5/8" tongue/groove ply for the floors, and we're going to hand craft the roof with joists, rafters, and collar ties.

Its nice to be finally finishing up the demolision stage and moving slowly towards rebuilding to the final layout.

This weekend's "dumb move, lesson learned" story, is don't use a hacksaw on a pipe that you are holding close to your shin. Once you're done cutting the pipe guess where the blade is going to end up cutting next?

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