Friday, September 4, 2009

Is it the weekend already!

We managed to get a lot done on our vacation last week. The house is almost torn down to the frame (practically). My Dad is coming again this weekend to help us, this time we are pulling off the roof! The permit should be in next week so the contractor can come and build our addition....yeah!! In the meantime, the roof, the ceilings on the main floor, and the remaining barn boards need to be ripped off to prepare. The studs need to be reinforced and we are hoping to get all of that done this long weekend. My Dad is taking Liv home with him Saturday after the day's work, so Ben and I can work non stop Sunday and Monday....thanks Nana and Papa!

The shed in the back yard is gone to make way for swing sets and sand boxes!!

Funny little story from last weekend.....Ben was upstairs taking down walls, and out pops a raccoon! It scared the crap out of the poor guy, and because it was hanging out on the wall right above the stairs he couldn't get down the stairs away from it!! He called me (I had just dropped Liv off at a birthday party) asking me to grab him a coffee and come help with the little critter...who wasn't really all that little really! By the time I got to him, Max was at the house too...needless to say we had a good laugh at his expense before helping rescue him. The raccoon really wanted to stay, so we had to call a humane animal removal company who came in (for $375) and took Ricky out to the back yard to live in our tree, then blocked off his entry point. We are happy to say, he hasn't come back!

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